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A Little About Us

We have a proven track record of successfully bringing together proponents, First Nations communities, regulatory officials, and the Province of British Columbia.

We have strategically advanced projects through the development of meaningful local networks and relationships, formation of successful term sheets and joint ventures, and by mitigating risk through regulatory requirements.

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What People Are Saying

Kitselas Development has been pleased to work together with Spirit Strategies as they have moved to build relationships and capacity with the Kitselas First Nation

Greg Greyson - CAO Kitselas First Nation

Our Latest Posts

Stakeholder Engaement can be a confusing topic on the best of days.  It seems as though we've all been put in our categories and been given a mandate of how and who and when we need to consult for specific results.  In the end I'm not sure who really made up the rules about how to build a relationship and when we've met our consultation requirements to achieve social licence...

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For several years now as the Principal of Spirit Strategies I've had the opportunity to facilitate conversations around Joint Ventures with First Nations communities in addition to supporting business development opportunities for contractors in advance of major projects in British Columbia...

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