Spirit Strategies


Our Approach

Spirit Strategies works together in partnership with your team to understand your vision and values that drive successful outcomes for your project and the community. 

We believe that engagement starts with you.  Understanding your objectives in delivering projects safely, on budget and on time allow us to take our experience along with our relationships and facilitate the speed of trust when working to deliver project approvals, certainty of community involvement and supporting our clients in leaving a legacy to be proud of. 

Our team has worked in the field and in the boardroom from conceptual idea to handing keys off to a client.  We understand today's project requirements in ensuring community content and membership success isn't just a document on a shelf but is a legacy that is passed down from generation to generation.  

Spirit Strategies continues to be challenged and grateful that we have had a the privelege of building communities and families while delivering best outcomes of projects within British Columbia.

What People Are Saying

Insight Resources has worked in northwest British Columbia for over ten years and has had great respect for individuals and teams that can work in a community and do it in a way that creates a safe place for people to speak from the heart

Elizabeth MacDonald - Owner Insight Resources. Kitimat

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