Spirit Strategies


Our Story

Spirit Strategies was formed in 2014 after realizing the need to bring local expertise to local projects. Our experience in the board room and in the field, continue to benefit community and First Nations engagement outcomes while mitigating risk to international investors.

Our previous initiatives in First Nations engagement and community outreach in Northwest B.C. boasts a record of successfully bringing together proponents, First Nations communities and the Province of British Columbia in facilitating meaningful relationships, successful term sheet and joint venture development, and positive perspectives on industrial projects.

Prior engagement has resulted in authentic and transparent dialogue and ongoing opportunities to facilitate conversations around the development of energy within First Nations and local communities.

Please see our statement of experience for a list of previous clients. 

What People Are Saying

Spirit Strategies has a reputation of being grounded in community with a strong emphasis on the establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships.  As a leader in the engagement space, Spirit Strategies is known for their ability to balance the needs of all parties as they work their way through critical conversations.

Dan George – Four Directions Management Services

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