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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Northwest British Columbia is currently undergoing rapid change. For rural communities the diversity of economic opportunity has never been better.  With great change can come great challenge. We must understand and communicate the effects and consequences to all stakeholders. Transparent, authentic and timely information is essential. Helping individuals and communities feel like informed partners in the process of developing and constructing major projects benefits us all.

Spirit Strategies Ltd. has the background, knowledge, and network to develop and execute communication that engages the heart of the community. We facilitate mutual and respectful dialogue while assisting with the further development of community engagement outreach initiatives.

We believe that authenticity, integrity and meaningful outreach exemplifies respect for individuals and partners and builds not only trust but often acceptance of economic development.

What People Are Saying

Insight Resources has worked in northwest British Columbia for over ten years and has had great respect for individuals and teams that can work in a community and do it in a way that creates a safe place for people to speak from the heart

Elizabeth MacDonald - Owner Insight Resources. Kitimat

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