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Understanding the values and culture of an organization or a community requires a shared respect for the vision and outcomes of others.  We find that vulnerability and engaged listening allows us to learn and lean into outcomes that we can mutually work towards.

Spirit Strategies has had the privilege to guide some of the most challenging projects on the West Coast of Canada as well as work within First Nations communities to assist leadership in finding solutions, delivering results and celebrating shared success. 

Our team of facilitators are committed to understanding the outcomes of all parties and working to deliver respectful outcomes that result in meaningful and positive resolutions.  Respect, Recognition and Reconciliation are the foundation of our approach and with a track record of well executed projects and conversations, we look forward to serving your team with the same attention of detail we've come to expect of our own team.  

What People Are Saying

Insight Resources has worked in northwest British Columbia for over ten years and has had great respect for individuals and teams that can work in a community and do it in a way that creates a safe place for people to speak from the heart

Elizabeth MacDonald - Owner Insight Resources. Kitimat

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